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Yesterday Once More


Directed byYoyo Yao
StarringBai Jingting
Guo Shutong
Li Hongyi
Wang Herun
Ding Guansen
Zhao Wenlong


Beijing Enlight Pictures[1]

Distributed byBeijing Enlight Pictures[1]

Release date

  • April 22, 2016

Running time

108 minutes[1]
Box officeCN¥26.3 million[1]

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Yesterday Once More (Chinese: 谁的青春不迷茫) is a năm nhâm thìn Chinese youth romance film directed by Yoyo Yao and starring Bai Jingting, Guo Shutong, Li Hongyi, Wang Herun, Ding Guansen, and Zhao Wenlong.[2] It was released in Trung Quốc by Beijing Enlight Pictures on April 22, năm nhâm thìn.[1]


Lin Tianjiao (Guo Shutong) is the top girl in her school. During one of her tests, she resorts to lớn copying from notes, and is spotted by Gao Xiang (Bai Jingting), who is considered a wayward student. When the note is discovered by the teacher, Gao Xiang chooses to lớn claim responsibility for trying to lớn cheat. Lin Tianjiao feels apologetic towards Gao Xiang, and begins their friendship.

Meanwhile, Lin Tianjiao's good friend, Lu Tiantian (Wang Herun) is courting Ou Xiaoyang (Ding Guansen). However, due to lớn his poor academic standing, Lin Tianjiao ignores him completely. Classmate Huang Tao (Li Hongyi) is secretly in love with Lin Tianjiao, but is too shy to lớn express it. As a result, he and his best buddy, Li Tao (Zhao Wenlong) are at loggerheads with Gao Xiang.

The relationship between Lin Tianjiao and Gao Xiang develops, as she begins to lớn understand Gao Xiang better. Knowing that she likes astronomy, Gao Xiang buys tickets for an Astronomy Exhibition to lớn take Lin Tianjiao on a date. Lin Tianjiao's mother insists that Lin Tianjiao focus on her school work, and does not allow her any time off. As a result, Gao Xiang never gets to lớn go on the date with Lin Tianjiao.

Meanwhile, as an act of love for Lin Tianjiao, Gao Xiang sneaks into the Astronomy Exhibition at night to lớn take photographs of the place. He is arrested and forced to lớn quit school. Before leaving, him and his friends from the local auto-shop sneak into the school to lớn paint astronomical images on the walls and ceiling of the classroom that Gao Xiang and Lin Tianjiao studied in.

At the annual school awards, the best student award is given to lớn Lin Tianjiao. Huang Tao tells her that Gao Xiang is leaving town. Lin Tianjiao uses this opportunity to lớn give a speech exposing her selfishness as she sought the award. From ignoring the feelings of Lu Tiantian (and her relationship with Ou Xiaoyang) and her brother, Lin Ziao; as well as her good friend, Gao Xiang. She then declines the award, and leaves the auditorium to lớn rush to lớn the train station to lớn bid farewell to lớn Gao Xiang.

Unfortunately, she misses Gao Xiang. She (plus her brother, Lu Tiantian and Ou Xiaoyang) lập cập into Gao Xiang's friends from the auto-shop, and hitch a ride to lớn the local radio station, where Lin Tianjiao uses the programming to lớn bid farewell to lớn Gao Xiang (by singing the Beatles' tuy vậy "Hey Jude").

After a few years, Lin Tianjiao is a famous astronomer. She gave up on her mother's plan for her to lớn study finance in Tsinghua University, and decided to lớn follow her own dreams of pursuing astronomy. She plans a trip to lớn Africa, hoping to lớn meet Gao Xiang there. Meanwhile, the rest of the group meet at Huang Tao's wedding, with Li Tao as his best man. Lu Tiantian and Ou Xiaoyang are still courting, and Ou Xiaoyang intends to lớn propose to lớn her.

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  • Bai Jingting[2]
  • Guo Shutong[2]
  • Li Hongyi[2]
  • Wang Herun[2]
  • Ding Guansen[2]
  • Zhao Wenlong[2]
  • Hu Xianxu


  • Confusion of Youth[3] by Bai Jingting, Li Hongyi, Zhao Wenlong, Ding Guansen
  • Big-Headed Love by Ding Guansen
  • Towards the Light[4] by Xu Weizhou
  • Never Say Goodbye by Xu Fei
  • Never Say Goodbye by Hao Mei Mei Yue Dui