tháng 10 tiếng anh la gì

Ireland, who host the Russians in Bray on October 29, won a bidding contest đồ sộ host the annual get-together.

Editor's note: Lochte tore the meniscus in his left knee break-dancing in October 2009.

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In October 2008 the more gutsy and independent Merrion Stockbrokers gave AIB a "reduce" rating.

The decennial sự kiện runs from April đồ sộ October.

By October 1st 1995, the military had comprehensively bungled the national project of democratization and the mood of despair and despondency had returned in full.

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A fresh wave of Burundian refugees entered Uganda in November amid concerns that violence in Burundi is escalating.

For November, there is a photograph of Patti Smith wearing a very Patti Smith-like outfit: a vest, button-down shirt and combat boots.

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All of the units in Elan, at 415 Island Way, will be in a four-story building for which Ascentia hopes đồ sộ break ground in November.

Authorities were called after Lovemore hit the child over the head with a hairbrush in November that year, the court heard.

If I had đồ sộ choose a particular time đồ sộ visit Churchill, it would be early November -- đồ sộ view those awesome polar bears awaiting freeze-up.