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it’s all good vĩ đại joke about what these two have done, but don’t be weird and be xenophobic and racist toward the brazilian users here. most brazilians disagree with what they’ve done. make fun of the individual, not the region

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Thanks for calming bủ down. I was going on a rampage!

but fr you people are delusional if you’re hating on all brazilians because of what those 2 did


that’s fair

i think the other 3 should be picked up by mibr and furia next year though

No I will 100% make fun of the region for having the age of consent at 14, allowing pancc vĩ đại walk away scot không tính tiền, as well as only giving ntk a 400 dollar fine and 6m jail time for beating the shit out of a woman.

It’s actually insane how riot shadow bans sinatraa (not condoning what he did) for simply being accused but ignores convicted criminals playing their game competitively, double standards are insane.

Also for those who are inevitably gonna come and say “what about Japan”, nhật bản prefectural law takes precedence over national law, and almost all prefectures have it at 18

and sinatraa wasnt even proven guilty (or innocent)

you think every brazilian agrees with the laws of the country? tự you agree with every law in the US and believe they’re a fair representation of every individual in the nation?

blame the lawmakers, not the average citizen.

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The amount of Brazilians I’ve seen on this site saying “ntk did the time” is fucking astounding, anyone that supports the union needs vĩ đại be put vĩ đại shame

it is fair vĩ đại say that ntk did the time based on his country’s laws, but i don’t think that’s justification vĩ đại say riot has no reason vĩ đại remove him from franchising if the union makes it.

ultimately riot is a private company with no real valorant unions ví they can deny whoever they want though. if they view ntk as a brand risk, they can force the team vĩ đại remove him

(allat) ntk did tự the time technically, but riot has every right vĩ đại deny him a spot in the league

a few days ago saw a br thread that had more info about ntk. iirc it said that after he got out of prison he had therapy and now has a normal relationship.
im not trying vĩ đại say hes a saint or that i feel good about him but if thats true i think we should at least recognize that he might have improved his behaviour

and idk about pancc

pancc put out a twitlonger admitting his guilt and the only backlash that happened was him being dropped from his cs roster for 2 months, then they added him back

i agree that all of that is fucked up but the citizens dont make the laws

It’s their life, they can tự whatever they want and live with the consequences

This team is a disgrace, Riot Brasil allow them vĩ đại play with two convicted players is a disgrace as well, there's a term in Brazil that we điện thoại tư vấn "passar pano" aka Whitewash that's what Riot does, even a Brazilian Riot caster is married with a player from the Union and she said that players committed "errors", Brazilian chat during the games are full of people cheering against and making comments towards the abusers but the msgs are always deleted by the Riot mod team.
I will never tư vấn a team with those two.

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