i don't buy it because i don't have enough money

I/ Correct the verb sườn :

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1. If you are hungry, I (make) you something vĩ đại eat.

2. If I see Mark, I (invite) him out for dinner

3. I’ll visit Nga if I (go) vĩ đại Ha Noi.

4. If she (ask) má,I’ll help her.

5. If you (not get) vĩ đại bed now, you can’t get up early tomorrow morning.

6. I don’t think I will join you if it (keep) raining lượt thích this.

7. I (not take) the bus if it is too late.

8. If you go on playing truant, the teacher (not let) you sit the final exam.

9. If I (see) Tom, I will tell him.

10. Cats could fly if they (have) wings.

11. If Lan (study) harder,She would get better mark.

12. you will be late for class if you (not hurry).

13. If today (be) a holiday, I would stay in bed all day.

14. If he (enjoy) concert why doesn’t he come with us?

15. If she (make) him change his mind, she would save him a lot of troubles.

16.If you ( go) away, please write vĩ đại má.

17. If you ( be) in, I should have given it vĩ đại you.

18. If he (eat) another cake, he will be sick.

19. I ( not vì thế ) that if I (be) you.

20. If he (take) my advice, everything can go well.

21. I would have come sooner if I ( know) you were here.

22. He never does homework. If he ( do) his homework, he (not worry) abouthis examination.

23.It’s too bad we lost the game. If you (play) for us, we( win).24.What you (do) if she refuses your invitation?

25. If today (be) Sunday, we (go) vĩ đại the beach.

26. Unless they (pass) their examinations, they would join the army.

27. You (be) ill if you drink that water.

28. If Tom (go) vĩ đại bed earlier, he would not be sánh tired.

29. Had we known your address, we( write) you a letter.

30. If it’s raining heavily, we (not go) for a donkey ride.

31. If he (try) hard, he’ll pass the axamination.

32. I could understand the French teacher if she (speak) more slowly.

33.If she (not be) busy, she would have come vĩ đại the buổi tiệc nhỏ.

34. If I (finish) the work in time, I ( go) vĩ đại the football game.

35. If you( see) Mary today, please ( ask) her vĩ đại Gọi má.

II/ Rewrite sentences sánh that the meaning stay the same.

1. I don’t buy it because I don’t have enough money

If I _________________________________________________________

1. I don’t buy it because I don’t have enough money

If I _________________________________________________________

2. I am busy now, sánh I can’t help you

If I _________________________________________________________

3. There will be a shortage of water unless it rains

If ___________________________________________________________

4. John is fat because she eat many chips

If she ________________________________________________________

5. I’ll only help you if you promise vĩ đại try harder

Unless _______________________________________________________

6. If it doesn’t rain soon, the crops will be lost

Unless _______________________________________________________

7. I am very tired sánh I can’t concentrate properly.

If ___________________________________________________________

8.We don’t have a garden, sánh we don’t grow our own vegetables.

If ___________________________________________________________

9.He doesn’t give you good advice because he isn’t your true friend.

If ___________________________________________________________

10.We come late because the rain is sánh heavy.

If ___________________________________________________________

11.You don’t get better marks because you don’t study harder.

If _____________________________________________________________

12.She is very busy sánh she can’t go out tonight.

If _____________________________________________________________

13.I don’t know anything about her background, sánh I can’t tell you.

If ______________________________________________________________

14. I wasn’t hungry sánh I didn’t feel lượt thích eating.

If _____________________________________________________________

15. She’s sánh shy, that why she doesn’t have many friends.

If ______________________________________________________________

16. I remembered Susan’s birthday only because you reminded má about it.

If ________________________________________________________________

17. The siêu xe in front stopped sánh suddenly, sánh I crashed into its back.

If _________________________________________________________________

18. They painted the wall brown; that’s why the house looked very dark.

If ________________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type I :

1/ My brother will have enough money. He will buy a bicycle.

If ___________________________________________________________

2/ I’ll buy a new hat. I’ll give it vĩ đại you.

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If ___________________________________________________________

3/ You’ll ask the teacher. He’ll explain the lesson vĩ đại you.

If ___________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type II :

1/ I don’t have enough money. I can’t go on a long holiday this year.

If ___________________________________________________________

2/ I don’t have a typewriter. I can’t type it myself.


3.I don't live in a big thành phố, sánh I can't go vĩ đại the cinema very often.

If ______________________________________________________________________

4. Lan doesn’t have a xe đạp, she walk vĩ đại school.

If ______________________________________________________________________

Conditional Sentence Type III:

1. He didn’t hurry, sánh he missed the train.

-> If_____________________________________________________________

2. We canceled our picnic because it rained very hard yesterday.

-> If_____________________________________________________________

Choose the best anawer

He’ll go with us __ it rains Life will be destroyed __ all our sources

a. as long as b. unless c. if d. whether

__ we can find new sources of energy,our life come vĩ đại an end

a. unless b. when c. if d. b or c

___ you phone má when you come vĩ đại England?

A. vì thế b. have c. will d. would

Unless we hurry,we’ll __ the bus

a. miss b. remember c. catch d. get in

If you stay up late the previous night,you ___ sleepy the next morning a. feel b. t feel c. feels d. will feel Will you go vĩ đại see the doctor if you ___ a headache?

A. has b. will have c. having d. have

Unless you ___ smoking your health won’t get worse

a. cntinue b. continued c. are countinuing d. will continue

He won’t speak English ___ he goes vĩ đại England

a. when b. if c. unless d. which

If you aren’t carefylly,you will ___ it

a. spoiling b. spoil c. be spoiled d. vĩ đại spoil

If Mrs Laura Taylor ____ 5 years younger,she would walk round

a. was b. is c. had been d. were

If you ___ hard,you will pass the exam

a. study b. studied c. will study d. would study

He will not learn much ___ he work harder

a. if b. unless c. as d. because

If I were him I ___ smoking

a. will stop b. stopped c. would stop d. shall stop

15. If he ___ early,he’d get vĩ đại work on time

a. got up b. gets up c. get up d. has got up

16. ____you ____your dinner if your mother was will?

a. will …cook b. will cook c. would cook d. would … cook

17. I’d tell you if I ___ the answer

a. know b. knows c. knew d. will have known

18. If we had more time,we _____ for a picnic

a. will go b. would go c. went d. will have gone

19. What ___you ___ if your father gave you $200?

A. will …buy b. will buy c. would … buy d. would buy

20. If you ____ ,you be late

a. not hurry b. won’t hurry c. doesn’t hurry d. don’t hurry

21. What ____ if he fell ill?

A. would happen b. will happen c. shall happen d. happened

22. If John ___ vĩ đại his home page town,he would visit his mother

a. go b. has gone c. went d. had gone

23. If she ___ here now,she could give us some advices

a. a. is b. was c. were d. has been

24. I ___ not loose my way if I ___ you

a. would/was b. would/were c. will/am d. will/was

25. ____ I came,she was learning

a. when b. if c. because d. as soon as

26. I ____ not be late for class if I ____ you

a. would/was b. would /were c. will/am d. will/was

27. If I were you,I would ____ her

a. marry b. vĩ đại marry c. married d. marrying

28. You ____ the exam unless you study hard

a. will fail b. would fail c. will pass d. would pass

29. If it ____ , I shall take an umnrella with me

a. rain b. rains c. vĩ đại rain d. rained

30. I ____ be able vĩ đại give you the answer if you asked má tomorrow

a. would b. will c. should d. might

31. If I ____ the teacher,I would give an easier test

a. was b. were c. is d. am

32. If I were you,I ____ visit them without an invitation

a. won’t b. hadn’t c. don’t d. wouldn’t

33. If you want ___ there before dark,you should start at one

a. get b. vĩ đại get c. getting d. got

34. Ask him ____ in don’t keep him standing at the door

a. come b. came c. vĩ đại come d. coming

35. I don’t know him but he looks as if he _____ be his brother

a. can b. could c. would d. should

36. If it ____ fine,I shall go out

a. was b. will be c. is d. were

37. If you look hard enough,you ____ it

a. will find b. will be finding c. are finding d. found

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