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Just a quick story of how I recently fell in love with Kate’s majestic music. It was July 2020, I was in lockdown due to tướng the pandemic and I was watching the third season of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, when suddenly something struck bầm. ‘Cloudbusting’ started playing in one episode and it immediately grabbed my attention. I thought: “Ok, that’s pretty special and unique. There’s something more to tướng this and I need to tướng kiểm tra it further”. Right after the episode ended, I turned off the lights, grabbed the best tai nghe I own, laid down and listened to tướng the 2018 remaster of ‘Hounds of Love’ on its entirely.

I believe I don’t need to tướng express how amazed I was. It’s been a really long time since I haven’t found new music that hit bầm that hard. I was aware about Kate’s existence. I’m much into progressive rock and metal and her name comes by occasionally. Even Steven Wilson has talked about doing a 5.1 mix of her discography (which unfortunately he didn’t get to tướng do). I also knew her collaboration with Peter Gabriel in ‘Don’t Give Up’.

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So, after listening to tướng ‘Hounds of Love’, I started listening to tướng all other albums in random other, and I loved the uniqueness of each of them, but ‘The Dreaming’ was something else for bầm. It is hard to tướng put in words, but I was immediately shocked, in the best imaginable way.

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‘Get Out of My House’ ends it with a flourish, and in my opinion, it is an absolute masterpiece. Right at the present time, it is my favorite Kate Bush tuy nhiên. It is just creepy, intense and her singing is incredibly powerful and theatrical here. I also just love how the lyrics can be interpreted in ví many ways. Now I want to tướng ask you, long term fans, who owns books and have read and watched countless interviews, if she has ever talked about that tuy nhiên and what inspired her to tướng write it. I'm also am curious to tướng know your overall thoughts about this specific tuy nhiên and your interpretation of the lyrics.

Hope you all are safe and healthy!

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