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con cái chim {danh}

con cái chim một vừa hai phải mới nhất nở {danh}

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con chim một vừa hai phải mới nhất nở {danh từ}

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Vietnamese Cách dùng "hatchling" nhập một câu

Hatchlings that emerge will have vĩ đại cross the oiled beaches vĩ đại get vĩ đại the water, and then swim through what is out there.

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The parietal eye is only visible in hatchlings, as it becomes covered in scales and pigments after four vĩ đại six months.

For a couple of weeks after hatching the adults will continue sitting on the nest vĩ đại keep the nearly naked hatchlings warm and dry.

These protection measures were removed when it was time for the hatchlings vĩ đại emerge.

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The hatchlings crawl vĩ đại sea water and swim towards the open ocean (video below).

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