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The club's members conducted several bazaars, some theatre parties, and a dance, raising funds to tát buy a lot, which they then sold for a profit.

The latter included merchants trading in the bazaars, the trade and artisan guilds ("asnf") and members of the quasi-religious organizations run rẩy by dervishes ("futuvva").

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It is one of the most well-known historical locations in the đô thị and is famed for its bazaar, festival calendar and strategic location.

Gates were always closed at night, and the bazaar was patrolled by guards paid by the merchants' guilds.

The people had developed a bazaar with 200 shops and eight caravanseries.

It's not really a buyers market -- even though they've got a marketplace going now.

They have a general marketplace where you can tìm kiếm for or browse products to tát sell.

You have to tát know what's out there and view your product and marketplace as your customers vì thế.

Single-family detached homes are going to tát be a smaller proportion of the total number of homes in the marketplace.

Although this marketplace has yet to tát exist, his suggestion underscores the importance of comprehensive global copyright reform.

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Soon it formed a flea market of considerable scale.

Most hamfests feature a flea market, where the attendees buy and sell equipment, generally from and for their personal stations.

The celebration offers live music and activities, family fun and a large flea market, xế hộp show, and motorcycle show.

They are known as the world's largest flea market, having over 1000 booths, and restaurants in almost every booth.

The theater closed in 1968 and it has been used as a bingo hall and flea market.

There were some museums and a lot of eating places plus a night market.

There are now 317 registered vendors and small-scale entrepreneurs in the night market, employing 1,268 working students, out-of-school youth, and their parents.

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At night, this cul-de-sac is turned into a lively night market.

A scene of a night market where some of the cosmetic products are made available for consumers.

The rest of the trip was filled with some supermarket shopping, downtime in the khách sạn and some fun at the night market for the children.